Update to Sointuva WG Speaker

Alan March

Founder of March Audio
Staff member
We are about to release an update to our award winning Sointuva WG speaker. In the new Sointuva AWG We have updated the paper Purifi driver to the aluminium variant, made some crossover tweaks and updates to the cabinet bracing. So I just wanted to share some of the Klippel test results.

Improved frequency response flatness and low frequency extension.
Super smooth sound power, early reflections and directivity index.
Reduced distortion.
FR 75Hz to 17.5kHz = +- 1.2dB
F3 = 37Hz
F6 = 33Hz
F10 = 30Hz

Sountuva AWG.png

img_639_Estimated In-Room Response.png
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