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Alan March

Founder of March Audio
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Just published several YouTube videos showing a few of the different finishes we have manufactured for customers.


super nice update of

Sointuva WG Speaker​


very similar to Purifi SPK16.

Did you apply experience there with blocked induction in crossover from SPK16?


Purifi actually used our Sointuva at their Munich Hi End Show demos last year. Fantastic bunch of guys with incredible talent.

Sorry if we don't give away too much information regarding how we achieved the results. However, suffice to say that whatever the simulated/modelled intent, checking the reality with Klippel testing is still required to get the final tweaks to the design nailed down.
thank you for the detailed answer. Do I understand correctly that what was demonstrated in Munich and is below in the picture is a loudspeaker of your production?
No, this is not our design, this is Purifis new reference design to demonstrate their forthcoming tweeter.

There are obvious physical similarities which are driven by optimal design choices, such as the rounded edges. These reduce diffraction which sharp edges create.

Our Sointuva was used the year before by Purifi at Munich.