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March 2024 Newsletter

Lots of exciting news this month!
We will be exhibiting at the Australian HiFi show in Sydney 5th to 7th April. You will be able to experience our products and we will be unveiling and demonstrating our new Pre1 pre amplifier and flagship P801 power amplifier.
Alan March, March audios founder and designer, will be there to answer all your questions.
A 10% discount will be available for all orders placed at the show.

New Products

Pre1 Pre Amplifier

Our new Pre1 pre amplifier has been design to offer exceptional performance and sound. It perfectly compliments our range of power amplifiers.
  • Fully balanced design
  • 3x XLR inputs (fully compatible with RCA sources with adaptor cable)
  • 1x RCA MM phono input
  • Fixed level (tape out) XLR/RCA Outputs
  • Variable (volume controlled) XLR/RCA output
  • SINAD >120dB
  • Remote controlled volume and input switching

P801 Power Amplifier

The P801 is our new flagship mono-block power amplifier design. Truly state of the art performance and sound.
Amazing power, delicacy and sweetness of sound.
Utilising the new Purifi 1ET9040BA module, this amplifier will drive any speaker with 1500 watts available into 2 ohms.
Our new ""Ultra"" input buffer and custom designed power supply extracts the most performance out of the 1E9040 module.
  • Fully balanced design
  • XLR inputs (fully compatible with RCA sources with adaptor cable)
  • 400 watts into 8 ohms
  • 775 watts into 4 ohms
  • 1500 watts into 2 ohms
  • SINAD at 5 watts - 116dB
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