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Hi Alan, any updates on the complete NFS measurements of the Ukkonen AWG? Is the speaker design finished or still fine tuning here and there? Thanks.
Hi @Matias

The pair that were intended to go for measurement at Warkwyn have been at Australian HiFi for review. It's taken longer than expected. Review is out in their next edition. We received them back last week but they have been comandeered for another purpose.

We have long lead times on the woofers from Purifi, so we have been reserving our stock for customers, hence we haven't sent a different pair yet for measurement.

The design is finished. Our own measurements, whilst not made using a Klippel NFS, are very high quality. More than good enough to be confident about the design. The Klippel data is really more about marketing. Obviously important, but not as high a priority as getting Ukkonens out the door to customers. Hence the testing has taken a bit of a back seat.

Yes the Klippel data may indicate some very minor XO changes, but these would be tiny corrections to make the graphs look ideal rather than any real audible change

We are getting great feedback from customers about the Ukkonen:

The sound is lovely, remarkable detail and amazing resolution in a complex sound field. Rich, moving LF that I'm looking forward to drilling into.

The speakers are visually just gorgeous Alan, beautiful fraternal twins. Just spent a few hours last night listening to a range of popular music with my wife and one of our daughters, who has an ear. We were both thoroughly enchanted and revelled in exploring just what the artists/engineers intended

You're doing wonderful work Alan. I'm delighted to have the best sound I think I've ever heard.


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