Sointuva AWG photos

Lovely close ups! Tasmanian Blackwood is incredibly beautiful.

I can imagine you are very happy with both the sound and looks of them :)
@Alan March any chance to have The Ukkonen reviewed by Erin?
Hi @killitmore Yes it will be happening. The pair we will use for this are currently at Australian HiFi magazine for review. This pair will make it to Erin sometime after that has been done.

Before then we will have independent Klippel test data from Warkwyn in the US which we will update the product page with and no doubt post in this forum.


Forgot to share this pic. Not the most exciting one, but just showing that I needed a cover to avoid small fingers from pressing the drivers, and some indirect UV protection while not in use. Alan had it built for me and it's very smooth on the inside.

I wasn't sure about the finish at first, but I was after something that blended with the drivers. I do like the hardwood finishes, but it might look a bit out of place in my living room. When I saw them in person though, I think I made a good choice.