Concert For Ukraine

Alan March

Founder of March Audio
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I have just returned from a superb benefit concert to raise funds for war torn Ukraine. Proceeds form the concert will be donated to charities Caretas and Doctors Without Borders, organisations actively involved in the humanitarian needs of Ukranians.

Held at our local Albany Entertainment Centre we were treated to fantastic piano and cello recitals performed by exceptionally talented musicians:

Irina Buevska- Cowell (Piano)
Michael Goldschlager (Cello)
Anna Sleptsova (Piano)
Adam Morris (Vocalist)
Rod Vervest (Guitar)
Rob Cowell (Guitar)
Charlie Thoo (Violin)
Alexander Thoo (Cello)

Albany Entertainment Centre

Irina Buevska- Cowell (Piano) / Michael Goldschlager (Cello)

I gather the event was live streamed to Ukraine. A YouTube video will be published soon. I will post a link to it when available.



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Where did you hear about that @Alan March ?

I should learn to read top down, but I read it like a Manga cartoon:
  • I saw the entertainment center and though it looked like some place in Helsink.
  • Then saw it said Albany, and thought, “Whoa… who else is in Albany?”
  • Then looked at who posted it… ;)