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  1. Alan March


  2. Alan March

    Incompetent Internet Reviewers - Beware!

    Part 1 - Overview Hi Im going to put this post in "Technical" as it fundamentally will cover the technical competence of online reviewers. Its been an interesting week. One of the fantastic benefits of the internet is that everyone can express an opinion. Unfortunately this often leads to a...
  3. Alan March

    Speaker Videos

    Just published several YouTube videos showing a few of the different finishes we have manufactured for customers.
  4. Alan March

    Speakers, speakers, speakers

    It's been a busy week at March Audio. 5 pairs of Sointuva speakers on final listening tests before shipping. Marri, Blackbutt Woods and a matte anthracite grey painted finish. What's the collective noun for a bunch of speakers? 😀
  5. Alan March

    New Email and Phone Number

    As mentioned in our last newsletter, we have retired the domain that was used for domestic Australian customers in preference of To prevent confusion we are also changing our primary email address to: If you would prefer to contact us by...
  6. Alan March

    Munich High End Show May 2022

    Purifi Audio will using our products at the renowned Munich High End show in May. They will have a number of public demonstrations where you will be able to hear our Sointuva WG speaker in action and see our range of amplifiers. I will be attending the show and looking forward to meeting...
  7. Alan March

    Concert For Ukraine

    Hi I have just returned from a superb benefit concert to raise funds for war torn Ukraine. Proceeds form the concert will be donated to charities Caretas and Doctors Without Borders, organisations actively involved in the humanitarian needs of Ukranians. Held at our local Albany Entertainment...
  8. Alan March

    Digital 101

    Hi There are many myths and misconceptions regarding digital audio. It is a complex subject and not always intuitive. However here is an excellent video that covers most of the basics and busts many of those myths. It covers the subject in a practical and accessible way. I think its...
  9. Alan March

    Grounding In Audio Systems

    There is a lot of misunderstanding about grounding in audio systems. I thought I would post a bit of info on the subject. Contrary to popular audiophile belief, ground (as in a connection to the physical earth and mains electrical safety earth) is *not* a sink for noise. Noise does not go into...
  10. Alan March

    Amplifier Classes

    As I'm sure you know March Audio amplifiers are Class D designs, but what does this mean? Its commonly assumed that the "D" stands for digital, but this is not the case, they are actually very analogue 😀. So I thought it would be helpful to post some information on the various classes of...
  11. Alan March

    New Website

    Hi everyone Its been a busy week with our new website going live. We think we have all the teething problems sorted out, but please let us know about any issues you come across. The new platform allows customers to make purchases in a range of currencies and should geo detect the appropriate...