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    Audition day

    I guarantee you have purchased one of the highest end fidelity amp on the market!
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    P422 AVR/Music system

    I'm 100% sure your choice is best!
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    Yes, I'm sure I can't hear any differences with well designed Purifi Amps. That's exactly matched with my experience with P422, The Amp already reached surprisingly dead silence with all of normal sensitive speakers, is powered by great low noise PSU and smart design of buffer board including...
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    I got it! Thanks for confirm that! I heard some rumors about 1et9040ba will have great power (same 40A as 1et7040, 1% thd 1500W @ 2Ohm) with lower noise of ~8 uV before. But, as you confirmed, with slightly more noise, it looks we can only get marginal very gains with massive price increase can...
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    Hi Alan My I ask a question? Do you have any plan to use newer 1ET9040BA amps? ;)